Bracing Products

Do you have an old sports injury that’s bothering you, sprain your ankle or just needing some additional support? If you have a need for bracing support we have an option for you! We have a wide variety of braces and supports in different sizes available in our store at 1400 N 48th St, Lincoln, NE 68504.

Our experienced staff will ask questions to assess your injury and help you determine which bracing or support option best suits your needs. We will measure you to determine which size will fit best. You will be able to use our private fitting room to try on your best options before purchasing.

  • Ankle braces
  • Knee braces
  • Back braces
  • Back supports
  • Maternity supports
  • Wrist braces
  • Hernia Supports
  • Walking boots

Don’t let that lingering pain bother you anymore!! Make time for a quick trip to Energize Home Medical to be fit with a support that will help you LIVE ENERGIZED!